Dencity (2013 – 2016).

Founded by Fondazione Cariplo, the project promoted an integrated approach to Urban Regeneration through culture. Interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, architects, anthropologists, geographers and photographers worked together, acting as catalysts for change, bringing to light local potential and resources, activating networks and innovative partnerships between the local and the global.  Connecting Cultures was the curator of artist led urban regeneration projects:
Out Of Fashion, an educational project on sustainable fashion in an area characterized by creative industries.
– Art in the City, a festival celebrating Civic Arts and the  participation of citizens in social and cultural regeneration in collaboration with associations and institutions of the city through two projects:
“Il Secondo Paradosso di Zenone”, a participated choreographic project by Elisabetta Consonni celebrating the values of slow life realized with the collaboration of citizens, local associations and all those interested in slow shared value.
“La Città dei Cittadini”, a two-days symposium at MUDEC (Museum of Cultures of Milan) concerning cultural projects in suburban areas, the public space and the engagement of the public and local administration.