Remembering the citizens of Imola who lost their lives in the First World War
Public Artwork for the historic centre of Imola, Piazza Matteotti (2008-2013)

Planning and realisation of public contest, exhibition and curation of an art project as an essential part of the urban requalification of the historic centre of the city, started in 1990, which restored the Renaissance square to its original layout and activities.
The process of urban and cultural renovation led to the re-appropriation of the places by the citizenship of Imola. The contest, opened to internationally acclaimed artists including Alfredo Jaar, Krzyzstof Wodiczko, was awarded to the artists’ collective Studio Azzurro, who conceived the public work “The Sign of Memory”, dedicated to the many citizens’ of Imola who lost their lives in the First World War. The video projection on the pavement of the square showing local memories from the War offered a new poetical language for a non rhetorical monument reviving important aspects of local history relevant to people’s lives.