Imagining Parco Sud (2007-2012) was a multidisciplinary and international project aiming to rediscover and to increase the value of the environmental, cultural, social and economic resources of Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, green area of agricultural production that surrounds Milan and includes 61 municipalities where more that 3 million people live.

Reading the territory through a multidisciplinary research and the creativity: Imagining Parco Sud was a research project focused on a new vision of the Agricoltural South Park of Milan. The South Park of Milan is a green area that surrounds the city on its west, south and east side; a huge mix of history, different landscapes and biodiversities. 

Connecting Cultures involved teachers and students of two European centres of photography and filmmaking (Centre for Photographic Research of Newport School of Art and Prague Academy of Performing Arts) and at the same time teachers and students of Italian partners that dealt with several disciplines (agriculture with Facoltà di Agraria-Università degli Studi di Milano, architecture with Facoltà di Architettura-Politecnico di Milano, photography with Scuola di fotografia-Accademia di Brera, art with Stalker collective of artists and architects)  to face the issue from different points of view sharing skills, experiences and cultures coming from different European countries. 

The project approach, from different national cultures and different professional backgrounds, offered the opportunity to give important inputs in improving the current management of the park with a dynamic vision, increasing the importance of an active citizenship in the imagination of young people.

Photographers’, artists’, videomakers’ looks on the issue were very important in order to give back poetry, sensibility and a strong sense of affiliation that has marked the story of this huge park.

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