Milano e Oltre (Milano and Beyond)

Young creativity and new urban ecologies (2010-2013)
The three year project (2010 – 2013) financed by Fondazione Cariplo had the aim of giving value to young creativity and resources in four suburbs of the city of Milan: Bovisa, Barona, Quarto Oggiaro and Bicocca.
The essentially educational project had the aim of bringing young professionals in the visual arts, under the guidance of well known artists, Claudia Losi, Alberto Garutti, Alterazioni Video e Stefano Boccalini to draw on local resources in the building of itineraries, videos, artworks, maps, artistic installations and events in relation to the area. With the support of Connecting Cultures, 40 young artists have mapped the areas, and carried out projects, proposing new and shared visions of a rapidly changing city. The project ended with an exhibition, “Milano & Oltre. Una visione in movimento” during May 2013 at the Triennale of Milan.

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